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Pump / Trigger Capping Machine
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Packon has developed Rotary Pump Capping Machine for dosing pump cap and trigger pump cap with dip-tube. The first pump capping machine was installed at LG L&H factory in Cheong-Ju, Korea. The second machine is being built for the world’s biggest consumer product company and will be shipped in early September.

Pump capping machine has various fabulous functions, which brighten the machine. We will explain the basic information and four main functions of the pump capping machine.

The patented technology of dip-tube guide system enables the dip tube inserting correct.

The machine offers multi-purpose capper, which uses planetary driven roller capping head. Screw-on caps and snap-on caps are available also as an option.

The machine has HMI Control Panel which consists of specific functions such as Generating Production data (Quantity, Speed, etc.), and Trouble monitoring & Display system (Trouble message, Totalizer & output speed, Input / output data).

The machine has perfect safety system that is divided into four functions such as;
No-bottle, No-capping function, timing screw jamming detection device with warning & machine stop function, torque limiter for inner / outer star- wheel with warning & machine stop function, and warning function for Compressed air pressure drop, cap shortage, height adjustment limit.

In addition, pump capping machine has 4-driving roller capping head with magnetic clutch that can control the capping torque precisely, and vision system for inspection of missing cap & cocked cap. The machine is pride of our company and we promise that we will make continually reliable machine.

Power Supply Buyer scope
Compressed air 5Kg/㎠×100Nℓ/min.
Pump cap Diameter : 30~40mm
Length of dip tube : 120~250mm
Capping head 4~12 heads
4-driving roller type
Pneumatic actuator gripping
Capacity 60~240BPM
Torque adjuster Magnetic clutch type
Range of capping torque : 10~30 kgf∙㎝
Material : STS-304
Bottle orientating Optional
Height adjustment of machine Automatic adjusting with preset data

Capping Head 4 head 6 head 8 head 10 head 12 head
Normal Capacity 60 BPM 90 BPM 120 BPM 150 BPM 180 BPM
Max. Capacity 80 BPM 120 BPM 160 BPM 200 BPM 240 BPM

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